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International Conference
on Sustainable Future for Human Security
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The 7th International Conference
on Sustainable Future for Human Security in conjunction

The 3rd International Conference
on Green Developmentin Tropical Regions

Sustainable Development: Global Challenges on Environmental Protection and Social Justice”

Padang Indonesia, October 29-30, 2018



  • To provide a forum for international researchers, practitioners, public and private operators community to discuss, share and exchange their latest research and experience progress in relation with sustainable future issues.

  • To develop and promote a sustainable networking between participants to hold human securities and bridging ideas into policies and desired realities.

  • To broaden information access for scientific communities toward global scientific, technology and engineering societies .


Three main activities are proposed: International Conference and Cultural Program. In short, these activities are described as follows:

  • International Conference is an annual meeting to discuss, sharing idea and also exchange research achievement in the various fields of science, technology, engineering and art.

  • Cultural Program, Padang is recognized as a region with unique preserved culture and life style, the program will introduce the unseen Padang and its unique culture.


The scope of SUSTAIN 2018 encompasses but is not limited to:

1. Energy and Environment (EnE)

  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Energy related biotechnology and nanotechnology

  • Sustainable waste management

  • Sustainable consumption and production

  • Life cycle and environmental impact assessment

  • Strategic environmental assessment

  • Environmental pollution control

2. Sustainable Tropical Forest (STF)

  • Community forest management

  • Forest for water, food and energy

  • Forest Biodiversity and ecosystem services

  • Silvicultural technique for rehabilitation

  • Sustainable timber and non-timber forest product

  • Soil and water conservation

  • Watershed management

  • Wetland management

3. Sustainable Agriculture (SA)

  • Food production system and technology

  • Agriculture and food process engineering

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Information and communication technology in agriculture

  • Micro-climate and environment control

  • Technology for climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Integrated Pest management

  • Nursery and breeding technology

  • Agricultural biotechnology

4. Sustainable Built Environment (BE)

  • Sustainable buildings and infrastructure

  • Sustainable and community development

  • Creative design and adaptability

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Regional/urban planning and design

  • Construction management

  • Heritage conservation

  • Tourism development

5. Climate Change (CC)

  • Biodiversity changes and scenarios

  • Carbon cycle

  • Hydrometeorological disaster

  • Flood and drought caused by extreme weather

  • Debris flow and sediment transport

  • Community based disaster risk management

  • Technology for disaster mitigation and prevention

  • Surveillance and early warning systems

6. Social (SC)

  • Democracy, democratization, and human security

  • State and non-state actors in a changing World

  • Memories and identities

  • Sustainable development

  • Local preservation

  • Social resilience

  • Social inclusiveness

  • Peace, justice, and strong institution



Call for paper                            : February 12, 2018

2nd Call for paper                      : April 12, 2018

Deadline for Extended Abstract  : May 30, 2018

Notification of Acceptance         : June 30, 2018

Submission for Full Paper          : Agustus 30, 2018

Result of Full Paper Review       : September 30, 2018


Deadline of Payment                 : Agustus 29-30, 2018

Sustain Conference                   : October 29-30, 2018

Revised Full Paper Submission  : November 30, 2018

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